Spend time treating,
not triaging or documenting.

As a clinician, our platform helps you maximize on what really matters - productive & personalized time with your patients, without worrying about intake or writing notes.

Primary Value Proposition

Save time AND provide better care.

Trust our automated tools to make your life easier.


Eliminate the majority of your first appointments through the smart intake

With most of the relevant questioning & screening already completed by our chatbot, the majority of what you'd cover in the first appointment as a clinician is already checked off & just by quickly reviewing the auto-generated impression, you can focus on the relevant issues & streamline to treatment prescription.


Build patients' impressions from baseline auto-generated extracts

With a summary (of the intake conversation, as well as all follow-up appointments), key vulnerabilities, a differential diagnosis w/ satisfied DSM-5 conditions already auto-generated for you - you no longer build an impression from scratch - just a few minimal edits to what's there, and you should be ready to export & bill.


Stay informed on the patients' mental health & make decisions holistically

With relevant data points about the patient's day-day happenings and condition status, in the form of journal vulnerabilities, sleep drive & schedule, and medication/therapy compliance data, you have the opportunity to make & adjust treatment decisions w/ specialized insight into the precise time-bound effects they have on your patients.

Doctor Features

Have a smart impression auto-generated for you.

After your patient goes through our smart AI consultation, here's what you can expect to recieve.


Clinical Summary

Our unsupervised NLP models are able to produce a clinical summary of the patient's general mental health issues. The chatbot converstation is also displayed in entirety for a more detailed look.


Predictive Diagnostics

Correlating all of the questions-responses in the chabot to the trained DSM-5 criteria, our system predictively computes & suggests a differential diagnosis.


DSM-5 Conditions

Our workflow is able to determine & highlight disorder-specific DSM-5 conditions that were met, partially met or unmet.



Recommendations are based on predicted diagnoses, with the ability to check for any adverse drug events between new prescriptions and the patient's existing drug profile.


Key Vulnerabilities

Specialized machine learning models are able to detect and pinpoint specific complications, risk factors, symptoms, improvements, and high risk triggers from patient journal entries.


High Risk Triggers

Any suicidal/homicidal tendencies are recognized with a dedicated Deep Learning model within the chatbot and immediately recorded, accounted for & addressed in the impression.


Multi-Channel Communication

Build & dispatch customized forms, send personalized notes & DM's all straight to the patient's portal for the transfer of any additional relevant information.


Personalized Triage Assignment

Have intake impressions funneled to you on a selective basis based on your personally defined diagnostic specialities, risk profile preferences, and day/time availability.


Seamless Export

All auto-generated impressions are able to be exported in any desired, custom format (templates included), including any and all relevant data points (summary, diagnostics, treatment, patient history, etc.).

Keep up with your patients' day-day

Patients are expected to keep up one-way communication about their day-day happenings and status on their condition. Our web/mobile app gives the patient 3 modules to facilitate this:

1.  A smart reflection journal assistant to record how their day/week was, which we apply our NLP model to, to identify & graph key vulnerabilities over time.
2.  A sleep diary & accompanying CBTi tool to collect data points that we graph to show how their sleep drive and schedule changes over time.
3.  A medication/therapy checker that collects information about their compliance to prescriptions that we display over time.

Conduct virtual appointments & get automatic summaries

Book appointments, and conduct secure video conferences w/ your patients on the platform. After appointments, summaries are autogenerated through specialized unsupervised machine learning models that extractively highlight the relevant takeaways, key vulnerabilities, as well as emotional sentiment analytics displaying facially-derived insights from the patient.

Customize your patient's AI intake consultation

Beyond the baseline workflow of our Brightlight smart AI consultation, we've developed a customization tool to manipulate how the DSM-5 mapping behind it is structured, so that you can effectively personalize it for the specialties of your practice, and reflect more of your own personal standard & priorities when intaking patients.

Add/remove new disorders, and DSM conditions

Change sensitivity (high-risk) status per DSM condition

Add/remove/change intent-capturing phrases/keywords per DSM condition

Change DSM conditions & their relative priority per diagnostic

Change questions, confirmatory questions & positive/negative acknowledgements per DSM condition

Change diagnostic hierarchy for screening to set weights on one class of disorders over another

Are you a clinic?

We have a seperate interface for clinic administrators to manage their doctors, set up & book in their patients, and facilitate smart triaging & funneling of intake impressions based on doctor specialities, preferences, and availability.

All portals (patient, doctor, clinic) are fully whitelabeled & personalized for our clinic partners.