Mental health at
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All in one workflow suite with AI automations
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How it works

Mental healthcare reimagined.

A smart, automated intake capturing the key mental health issues of your patient from a natural conversation.


A 360° Screening
Our intake engine screens all major mental health disorders and symptoms alongside their underlying causes.

Expert Driven
Our intake engine is exclusively trained and guided by leading clinicians so we always ask what’s important.

Powerful Insights
Our intake engine immediately generates detailed insights and reports for you before you ever see the patient.

Risk Management
Our intake engine auto-triages high-risk patients and redirects them to the emergency resources they need.

Receive an auto-compiled impression in a clinical note format with preprocessed summaries & targeted insights.

Continue receiving preprocessed insights day-day to keep you updated on your patients' health before followups.

Smart Journal
Our smart reflection journal assistant records how a patient’s day/week was, talks to them conversationally in a personalized way, and identifies key vulnerabilities over time in a graph format to keep you maximally informed of the patients’ state of being in between appointments.
Smart Sleep Diary
Our smart sleep diary & accompanying CBTi tool is used by patients with sleep problems to capture data points that allow us to derive their sleep drive, efficiency and schedule changes over time and provides them day-day recommendations for optimal sleep, and keeps you maximally informed.
Smart Compliance
Our smart medication and therapy prescription compliance tool is used by patients to keep track of and be consistent with their prescribed interventions, and provides them daily reminders, and keeps you maximally informed of their level of compliance to the prescription over time.
Why you need it

Experience the difference.

State of the art AI
Lightning Symptom Detection
We’ve developed advanced NLP models capable of catching hundreds of symptoms that patients experience as well as contextual cues that may be explaining them. We also analyze the interactions between these symptoms to flag co-morbid traits as well as deeper root issues.
Proprietary Conversation Engine
Our symptom detection models also play a role in our cutting edge conversation engine which is trained on hundreds of hours of interactions with leading clinicians. Our engine determines the most appropriate and important question to ask the patient during the intake in an empathetic and humane manner.

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