Mental healthcare

A smart, cloud-based telemedicine platform presenting an artificial intelligence-based approach to diagnostic analytics and ongoing tracking for overall mental health.

I just can't fall asleep for hours and have these intense flashbacks where i feel like i'm back in my old life...

I'm sorry to hear that, would you say have you've witnessed any traumatic events throughout your deployment?

Patient Workflow

How it works

Brightlight Health embodies a very intuitive workflow optimized for ease of use.

Create your personal account

Your doctor will provide you with a unique link to register with. A general link can be found here. You have to fill in your personal & medical information, some diagnostic and medications history & e-sign our consent forms to be log on to the app. You can access the portal from both our web & mobile apps.

Undergo an AI consultation

Our smart chatbot will virtually conduct an automated simulation of a detailed mental health interview, acknowledging any and all of your personal mental health issues. It's a fully individualized question-answer experience that will take you approx. 15-30 minutes, accessbile both via text or voice/speech.

Get a better experience

With intelligent insights auto-generated from your intake data, your doctor will be able to diagnose you and prescribe treatment in a much more efficient, holistic & standardized manner. Ongoing data collection coupled with our algorithms will help your doctor see what's working & optimize followup treatments.

Keep your doctor up-to-date

  • Chat with our smart reflection journal assistant and record how your day/week was.

  • Fill out your sleep diary/schedule & access to a personal CBTi assistant.

  • Complete daily medication/therapy compliance.
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the mental healthcare clinical workflow.

    Our clinicially validated, smart, cloud-based telemedicine platform presents an AI-based approach to diagnostic analytics and ongoing tracking for mental health.

    Patient Features

    Premium functionality

    Brightlight Health engages state of the art modules to capture and make the most of your mental health data.

    Consultation with
    our smart chatbot.

    With a sophisticated unstructured approach, our chatbot is able to holistically make correlations within DSM-5 conditions & their inter-relationships to produce diagnostic differentials, recommend medications, identify key vulnerabilities & life-events, address suicidal/homicidal tendencies, and abstractively summarize all of your issues for the doctor to analyze.

    Ongoing mobile data collection.

    With individual modules collecting data about your medication/therapy compliance, sleep drive, day-day events & personal thoughts/feelings, our advanced algorithms are able to detect certain complications, risk-factors, symptoms, high-risk triggers, as well as improvements, for the purpose of keeping your doctor insightfully updated on your mental health to help them make the best prognostic decisions for you.

    To make this data collection & insight gen process as seamless as possible, you have real-time assistance in the form of your own friendly interactive agent to talk about your day-day concerns with (followed up with immediate feedback & acknowledgement), as well as your own personal CBTi assistant catered to your sleep drive.

    Engage in multi-channel comm. with your doctor.

    All appointments can be conducted virtually on our platform, with full recordings, transcripts & AI generated summaries & facial sentiment insights.

    Doctors also have the ability to send you custom forms, specialized notes, and even DM's.

    Manage your personal data & profile.

    Our platform allows you to track system-generated & doctor approved insights about your mental health.

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    Medical Expertise

    Meet our clinical advisors

    Brighlight Health is supported by a strong team of healthcare professionals.

    Dr. Mark Johnston

    Psychiatrist & Director @ True North PS

    Dr. Michael Verbora

    MBA, MD
    Medical Director @ Field Trip Health & Aleafia Health

    Dr. Zeshan Shaikh

    General Practitioner (Canada & Australia)

    Dr. Heizer Marval

    Consulting Psychiatrist & Physician

    Dr. Gosia E. Phillips

    MD, Diplomate
    Neurologist & Sleep Medicine Specialist

    Leveraging Deep Learning & Natural Language Processing

    We've applied industry-grade models optimized with real clinic data & feedback.


    Brightlight employs an ensemble of custom-trained deep learning models optimized with genetic algorithms, as well as NLP-based, unstructured intent recognizing chatbot systems.

    Seamless Communication

    All AI computation communication between the doctor & patient is seamlessly integrated in a clinical work flow, fully encrypted & secure.

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    Join us in our mission to change the way mental healthcare is delivered across the country.

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